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Hello Everyone!

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Found this community recently and would love to be a part of it. I am a software engineer by profession and like to do crazy shit in my spare time.
Looking forward to a good time here.
Also, a small request, if anyone would be kind enough to help me out un understanding this forum better then I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
Welcome to CS! Please be sure to read & follow all of the rules carefully: https://crackingsoul.com/Thread-Just-Lan...bers-rules
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  • Naufal
Welcome to the forum!
Сongratulations, practically colleagues
The newely registered members will be placed in the usergroup called Just Landed Member usergroup.

Until you are in the JLM group, you are restricted to browse our forum. You will be able to see only two forum sections, the one is the General Rules section and the other is the Introduction section.

To get access to the full forum and to get rid of the restrictions, you need to post your introduction,say welcome to atleast 3 other users in their introduction thread to be promoted to the Member group.

Don't spam otherwise you will be banned permanently and without any notification.
New here too, welcome

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