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Paintmonkey666Hello everybody

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Hello. I think I am way out of my league. This is the first forum I've every been on.I am forty two as of yesterday So we will see how it goes. I look forward to it
Hello and welcome to the CS Forum.

Please do yourself a favor and read the Rules NOW.
Follow them kindly and be kind, nice to everyone.

I will be putting you on my list, The List - since this is your first time EVER on a forum of any sort.
Also I just keep wondering are you really 42 or 41, but that's just a number.

Anyways, enjoy your stay and cheers.
Read the Rules, please.
welcome to CS Paintmonkey666.
welcome to CS!
Never too old to start! Glad to meet you
Welcome to the board!
I am sure there are people of all ages around here!
Welcome to CS.
Remember, age is just a number!
Welcome to CrackingSoul, make sure to read all the rules

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