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How did you find Crackingsoul?

(07-11-2018, 10:17 PM)DA Wrote: Hello members!

Welcome to our Crackingforum i.e. Crackingsoul.com

We would like to know "how did you find our board?"

I found it  almost 2 years ago  Tongue Big Grin  before it was born.

I found it on reddit man
I saw it at passlist.net where I've found other nice forums in the past.
I have found it on the Passlist site
Through google and joined straight away  Cool no hesitation lol
yep i came from passlist site.
I found crackingsoul through passlist
good question!  i used to find forums on passlist & the like.  but i used google on terms like "porn" "cracking" & "forum" and found this (and some others i never knew of).  dang....
I came across it on google searching for site acess.
Long live google
i also found this in passlist. though it took me a long time to find it cos crackingsoul was in the third page or something and for some reason i never went past page one lol

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