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How to connect to ip cameras

Hi guys, maybe someone of u already know it, maybe not. Anyway maybe it be interesting to somebody.
Concept is next. Somebody bought ip camera and placed it at home , restaurant or... in one word anywhere he want. Make some manipulation and happy for new working device, ignoring all recommendation of manufactor, that insists on changing default password to cameras. It means that we have a lot of sources to connect with. Just need to know default login pass, and find some IP of source streaming.
So first of all we should find ip from wich we want find stream. So step one is get ip diaposon of those city u want. I use this site

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but little problem - site recognize only russian litera. I`m sure in web a lot of similar sites, so this is not a problem.
Step 2 dowload and install ports scanner. I use this  

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Then paste ip range in this devils soft, choose port 8000 and press scan and country. Afterall in will saves all active IP on txt file. 
Then we should make some brutforse. For this i use 
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Just copy txt file to file direcory hikka and rename it in "hosts" without extention. press start.bat and wait. Make some coffe maybe..)
Afterall u will have some screenshots from those cams that u succecfully connected(with login\password) and the final step is view this cams.
Dowload for example  IVMS-4200 from here lauch it then opening device managment/add device pasting ip + login+pass and pres add. After press Main View and watching some stupid things. or maybe intersting strip bar :Р
seems interesting.. thank you

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