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IOS vs Andriod

What would you like to select between IOS and Andriod?

I would select Andriod.

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They made far more complicated so many things when IOS is about so my choice is Android.
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My choice is Android but i want to ask is ios good as i have never used it?
I used both of them and there are pro and cons.

I also use Andriod for the moment.
Respect The Rules And Enjoy CrackingSoul

I have used both of them but I prefer Android.
I use both Android and IOS. I think IOS is good for my business related activites and its simplicity but I do prefer Android overall and personal use since I have more options with it.
Never been an Apple fan, Android for the win!

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interesting ... iOS here ... although a lotta hacker/geek friends are Android.  maybe i'm not ... i dunno wtf i am anyway.  Tongue
I much prefer Android.  I always choose open source software over proprietary software when I can.  Apple forces lots of proprietary software on their users, both on their phones, and their computers.

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