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Bozzz91[Introduction] Hello

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I'm new here and would like to say hello and introduce myself. I'm Bozzz91 and I would like to crack paid porn, for example. I look forward to a good togetherness and you and me a respectful interaction with each other.
Hello, welcome.

First of all, I kindly ask you to ACTUALLY READ ALL the Rules we have in here.
Go to the tiniest details, read and try to understand them.
Follow them kindly, because as I have told you in the shout box, I can be nice and kind, but I can be mean.

My plan is not to scare you, but to give you a glimpse look of what I personally want from our users.
Respect, kindness, humbleness, honesty.
Be all that and you can enjoy all the beauty of the human being itself.
I will give you my heart if needed.

Hence I have decided to give you a chance, but I will also be constantly lurking over your Profile.
Just follow the Rules and I promise you that I will be fighting for you (to stay here).

I am not a mean nor evil guy, but I can become the strictest mod ever easily.
And I am stubborn as **beeeeeep**.

Cheers and have a nice stay on here.
Read the Rules, please.
Welcome to CrackingSoul

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