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wesleysedda[Introduction] Hello Everyone

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Hello Guys...

I'm from Brazil and my first language is Portuguese, sorry for a poor English and thanks to be a member of this group. I will follow the rules and hope to be accepted.
Welcome Wesly, you welcomed me in my thread so I'm returning the favour. Enjoy your time here, see you around.
Welcome to Cracking Soul, Please make sure to read the rules and have fun!
Hello there, I am surprised by your large amount of languages you have known. I am a newbie too as you are. Hope we can improve our English skills from this forum.
welcome m8, enjoy the forum !!!

Please don't spam my inbox, if i'm not replying, i'm not online and i haven't read your pm. Thanks a lot for understanding.
Hello and welcome,
youre all the way from  Brazil, far away from my country.
Anyways, enjoy the forum
Hello and welcome!!

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