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GTcorb1029[Introduction] Hello everyone

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Hi everyone.

I'm really excited to be joining this community. I want to focus on my cracking skills and also see what the different types of tools that are available.

I hope to meet some like-minded people and have interesting conversations in the different forums.

Thank you!
Hello and welcome to the CS Forum.

First of you, you would be surprised how much we all have in common.
Some of us are practically the ''same guys, living in a different countries''.

So, just be a good and well-behaved user, READ and follow the Rules.

Have fun and enjoy.
With each and every post I make, I would like to kindly ask everyone to follow and respect the Rules 
Be sure to check each individual subforum Rules too, please.
Thank you 
Welcome to CrackingSoul
Welcome to the community!

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