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zeazpp[Introduction] Hey, I'm Zea!

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I'm just getting back into the world of cracking, and I'm really excited! I used to crack yahoo, minecraft, and fortnite accounts, but stopped because my old computer took a shit on me. Now that I have a new one with a VM and all that, I am very interested in cracking but broadening my skillset as well. Thanks for reading, if you have any tutorial threads, please let me know! -Zea
Welcome to CrackingSoul, make sure to read all the rules
Hey ho Zea. welcome.

Please do what New told you, read the Rules.
When you do so, please follow them too.

After that we can talk about everything else.
Not here, intro threads are not meant to be a chatting place, but I guess you will get the grif as the time will pass by.

Enjoy your stay and cheers.
With each and every post I make, I would like to kindly ask everyone to follow and respect the Rules 
Be sure to check each individual subforum Rules too, please.
Thank you 
Welcome back to the cracking world
Hi Zea,

Welcome to the forum. Hope you like it here.


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