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puncastle9[Introduction] Hi

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Just wondering, how do you access threads? I'm trying to access this one in particular: https://crackingsoul.com/Thread-Porn-amateurcreampies-com--18800?action=newpost

I've confirmed my email and everything else....don't know what's holding me up.

Do I just post an intro? Please help out a newbie and let me know. Thanks.
Welcome to CrackingSoul.....

Well.... You intro tells me you came here found the thread and signed up and posted the intro.... We have setup rules to be followed by everyone, we are STRICT when it comes to those rules. We like to have a community that has long lasting passwords not ones that die with in 10 minutes of being posted.

My suggestion is to go back a read all the rules we have, I will be paying close attention to you...
@ newaki

Hi, glad I finally got a response from a moderator! Yes, I hastily posted my introduction before reading the rules. Apologies. Hope I have not stepped on any toes here or alerted suspicions....I've only come here to check out content. Cheers.
No problem, aslong as you follow the rules u will be in good shape
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