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[Introduction] Howdy!

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Hey Gang!

I'm a new cowboy in this rodeo and am WAY exciting to be part of the community!

Here are some ice breaking questions to contemplate:

- Bigfoot, yay ot nay?
- TNG or Original series?
- How old were you when you realized Whoopie Goldberg isn't her real name because Whoopie isn't a name?

Look forward to your responses!
Welcome to CS Cowboy!

You're dating yourself if you ask TNG vs. TOS ;)

Please be sure to read & follow the rules.
Howdy right back atcha! I'm guessing this ain't your first rodeo.

Whoopi Goldberg can call herself whatever she wants to! Who am I to say her name isn't actually a name?
Howdy back at yuh. Welcome to the forum

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