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Chines[Introduction] Introduction

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Hello Everyone! My name is Chines. I am a cracking enthusiast. Passes to Various sites, cracked idm, adobe acrobat have always been of great help to me. But instead of being dependent on others I would like to learn something for myself. So I am here to know and learn from this nearly 10 year old community.
Hope u all have a great day.
10 years? I wasn't aware of this,
DA in your intro u say u have been working since 2011. even if this site is new. its moderation is definitely stronger than
craxxxxxx. one can use fakemails there. so experience makes it refined like an engine that has been refined with a new variant every time
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Welcome to CrackingSoul
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I'm new here too, and as you said it's looking like a great community already.
Hello, yes I think the community will be more active/legit because even with these new registration rules, they make it so people have to communicate and verify so it makes sense.

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