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notsane9[Introduction] My intro here.

Finally getting to this. I didn't think these type of communities were still around. I remember it used to be all on irc back in the day for anything pirate related. I had a file server set up to share poorly encoded movies.
Hey notsane9
Welcome to cracking soul, I am new here also Smile 

See you around!
Welcome to the Crackingsoul.com!
Respect The Rules,Respect My Staff And Enjoy CrackingSoul.
Don't Ask About Rank Promotions Via Pm.
Don't Send Me PM'S To Higher Up The One Account/Day Limit. Show Your Work And Get A Rank.
thanks for joining crackingsoul

follow the rules

Welcome, its true about 5-10 years ago there were a lot of high quality cracking sites out there, its slowed down a bit but you found a very good site here *best i have found in recent years, great sites available in the pass section. Have fun and good luck
Welcome, I'm new as well
IRC was great!  But times change I guess...
Happy to see you, notsane9
Welcome to the site
Hello and welcome to the board.

By the way, scene never died, it was just a matter of your interests probable.

However, lately scene is dying.
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Hello and welcome brother  Cool

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