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Skyzo[Introduction] Presentation

Hey, i come here to find the passes that i want to get, there's multiples passes in Internet but not as good as the ones on this site. It's been a while since i used it, and i never found anythings to rework. Nice site, nice community. Have fun all ^^.
Welcome to the [b]Crackingsoul.com[/b]!

99.9% are here for passes,so,nothing new to know.

Welcome to the board. Since you enjoy into using passes please be sure to read the forum rules so you don't end up in leechers group.

Cheers !
Please read forum rules carefully before making your first posts.
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[color=#efefef]Happy new Year and welcome to the forum! [/color]

[color=#efefef]Best Regards[/color]
Hello, Skyzo.  Welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy the passes as much as I will.
Hello welcome man here is your home

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