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Kindly asking GOLD members to leave your feedback on GOLD section

Still good but the pass are centralized mainly on the same sites.
And due to the interest on VR, we could have a specific section for Virtual Reality
And then more pass on VR will be very appreciated.

Bests Rgds 
Found something I was interested in pretty quickly. Not disappointed so far.
It'd be great if more wowgirls accounts popped up even though its rare 

Some accounts like mofos need VIP to download now, hope new cracks can have some specification on whether or not these accounts are downloadable accounts.

I've been trying to get a bangbros account with 4k feature unlocked but since the titles of the posts don't specify this, I am afraid to take too many accounts trying to find one with 4k.
Asked for a site and within a couple of days it was posted
Top service  DA Smile
What can I say about the Gold and Gold+ Sections that hasn't already been said?  They are well worth the price and then some.  You'll find passes here to sites you'll never find anywhere else.  You'll also find other top notch content as well.  If your looking for the best, then Gold is where you'll find it.  There's a reason they call it "Gold"  because there's treasure to be found in those sections.
scrolling through the many pages of the gold section I was impressed by the amount of different sites that can be found, requests are answered as soon as possible and for some sites it is not a joke to do this, over time I have seen that some suggestions have been made effective, nothing to say for me this section does its job very well
Asked for a few sites and within days I had passes Big Grin

D.A. never fails to impress!!!

Thanks again.

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