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[Promotion] StivnQ promoted to the Super Moderator Rank

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Hellooo everyone!

It is always a pleasure to write in this section. This time, it is something big. Because it goes on the most important rank, after the admin rank.

@StivnQ has been promoted to the Super moderator rank because of his hard work and dedication towards the forum.

I think, this is something little he really deserved.

@StivnQ, just  a quick tipp for you, you are now directing the whole forum, i would like to see you directing the forum in a lovely way.

So, enjoy your new and deserved color.

Kind regards.


Please don't spam my inbox, if i'm not replying, i'm not online and i haven't read your pm. Thanks a lot for understanding.
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Congrats to StivnQ, very much deserved.

Have been at the sharp end of his Modding (my bad each time) but to be fair to him rules are rules, follow them then you are fine, break them and suffer the consequences.
Always available to offer help and guidance which makes the forum run well and keeps the leechers out
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Thank you very for having trust in me, @ DA
I hope I will proove you that I am capable of taking care of the Forum.
And I will do my best do to so.

@ hssc11045

Thank you for the heads up and for such a nice and high opinion you have 
Read the Rules, please.
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This is awesome! Well earned & deserved! Congratulations @StivnQ!
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@StivnQ is a wonder on this forum. Moderating and keeping users in check are daunting tasks to perform consistently. Congratulations & well deserved !
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i've been thinking for months that you deserve this rabk, well deserved successor  to  MRJAMESBOND , not an easy rank to achieve my esteem, the forum is in good hands keep it up
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  • DA, hssc11045, StivnQ
Congrats @StivnQ,Its deserved and I think you would have it easy as you already doing more than Required.Thanks for being with us .
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Congratulations @ StivnQ   Well deserved, of course. 
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