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Report button doesn't seem to work

Tried to report some dead accounts but I coudn't, report button doesn't seem to work.

I used report button before.

I tried with Chrome (Version 62.3202.89) and Firefox (Version 56.0)

Maybe because someone else has already reported accounts I want to report ?
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The accounts you reported me via pm this morning weren't reported from anyone else.The problem was that the report button wasn't working for you,i also tried it after you notified me and the report button wasn't working even for me.

I updated the forum software yesterday and that bug came after the update.Now it has been fully solved as i can use the report button and an another user already reported me some dead account.That means,forum is free of bugs now.

But you can try it yourself,just click on the report button in this thread and report this thread to me.In this way you can be sure that everything is working now.

Thanks for reporting.

Kind regards!
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