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Kiran11[Request] Vixen.com

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Can anyone help me get the vixen.com sites
@ hellintime

Hope it's possible. 
you cannot make this  request , you are not eligible
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  • Naufal
Sorry to interrupt

This section is only valid to request accounts already posted on CS, you can't request a personal site to be cracked here.

In the end, i would request everyone using this section, to not misuse this new system. Any misusage could lead to warning or even permanent ban from this section.


I did search vixen posted by hellintime and all dead moved to dead section. You can't request personal account unless consider being a member GOLD. The link you posted not valid either.

I bet you are not read the rules carefully. Mod should do something here. Give a ban from this request section or warning.
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to Naufal for this post:
  • hellintime

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