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winduu[Request] sexlikereal.com + INTERACTIVE SCRIPTS

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Hey I know there are premium sexlikereal account here but theres another option for INTERACTIVE SCRIPTS. 

Hoping someone could crack one 

Sorry if this request is not allowed
i do not understand , with the sexlikereal.com pass that you took you can't download INTERACTIVE SCRIPTS ? or don't have this option enabled ?
Are u serious? @ hellintime asking and u ignore him. 

How can he fulfill your request if you are not respond either.

I'm asking u @winduu do you know what interactive scripts means?

If you don't know sorry I can't fulfill your request either.
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Sorry for not responding earlier.

interactive scripts is a separted subscription within the premium subscription

The pass i took is only premium which mean i can only watch it, but with the interactive scripts subscription you can watch the interactive toy scripts for free.
In short option is not enabled. 

But it's fine if not possible. Not trying to be rude.
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Account sent
interactive script enabled too.With 16$ balance.Enjoy!
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