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gotze10[Request] vixen.com

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Is there a problem doing these sites? I have posted this request almost a month ago and still nothing, except rawbat did send me the account details 2 weeks ago but it wasnt working.

Are there any chance that I will get this before my sub ends?

Sorry if it looks like im complaining about it, it wasnt my intention. Im just courious and really would like to have these.

PS.: I know there is one on the password section but I dont really want to get that, because that doesnt include the sites that I want, except one from the description.
Plus I dont want to make a lot of requests here, so I have kept this hoping that somebody able to send it to me.

Thanks for your understanding.
site increases security nowadays 
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as say POLAR site increase security , account don't last  for long unless you are lucky and find a diamond account
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