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[Rules] Accounts Request Section Rules | Updated 18.01.2023.

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Hello and welcome to this new section,

This section is only valid to request accounts already posted on CS, you can't request a personal site to be cracked here.

Please read the following rules carefully before making any requests.

Rules for requesting:

Check if you have got the right amount of CSC on your account before making a request.

  Please paste the complete URL of the account you interested in.  (Example: https://crackingsoul.com/Thread-Porn-tacamateurs-com )

  Please mention the thread starter in the request thread,so that he gets a notification via alerts.  (Example: @peter77000  )

After the account has been sent to you, please check it and update the request thread and then transfer the CSC amount to the account sender at the same time.

If the account isn't working, please update your thread,so that it could be left open.

  In case you can't get a working account from the link you posted, you are allowed to ask for another one BUT for the same site. You can update your thread with the new URL.

  In case your request isn't filled in 3 days , mention me like @ DA in the thread and i will be sending you the requested account, the CSC must be sent to the thread poster as always.

Not following the above rules, will ban you from accounts request section forever.

Rules for filling requests:

  Please check the account before sending it.

Kindly use the pm system to send the account to the user who asked for it.

  If the CSC amount for the account isn't transferred to your account, report the user.

In case the sent account doesn't work anymore for the user, please send him another one BUT only after checking if the first one is really dead.

The amount of CSC needed to ask accounts can be found in the CS rank system page or just click here

Please visit this link to donate CSC.

In the end, i would request everyone using this section, to not misuse this new system. Any misusage could lead to warning or even permanent ban from this section.

For members who find the rules and regulations above complicated, please check this link on how to request an account in this section.


Please don't spam my inbox, if i'm not replying, i'm not online and i haven't read your pm. Thanks a lot for understanding.
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