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DA[Rules] Free Premium Accounts | Rules And Regulations

Following rules must be followed while posting in order to keep CrackingSoul clean and fully working.
  • Use the following code to hide your content while posting.
  • Or you can simply click on the eye icon as in the following screenshot and post your content in it.
  • Please post only one account per thread to prevent leeching.
  • Please post the login URL of the website you are posting.
  • Accounts must be checked by the poster,unchecked accounts aren't accepted.
  • No external links to be posted,please post direct details here using the Hide Content function.
  • No spamming.

 Following rules must be followed while getting accounts.

  • Don't leech(Permanent ban).
  • Don't take two working accounts for same site (Permanent ban from the FPA UPDATED ON 8TH MARCH 2020 ) until you find the first one you took is dead/blocked/banned.Only in this case you may take the second for the same site but report the first one as dead before taking the second one.
  • Report dead accounts.
  • Use proper way of replying,replying thhhhhssss,pssss,sssshh ecc ecc,will be considered as spam and will be warned 2 times ,then we will ban you.
  • To see the hidden content,please click on reply button.

Rules may be updated from CrackingSoul staff without notification..

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