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DA[Rules] Free Premium Accounts | Rules And Regulations

Following rules must be followed while posting in order to keep CrackingSoul clean and fully working.
  • Use the following code to hide your content while posting.
  • Or you can simply click on the eye icon as in the following screenshot and post your content in it.
  • Please post only one account per thread to prevent leeching.
  • Please post the login URL of the website you are posting.
  • Accounts must be checked by the poster,unchecked accounts aren't accepted.
  • No external links to be posted,please post direct details here using the Hide Content function.
  • No spamming.

 Following rules must be followed while getting accounts.

  • Don't leech(Permanent ban).
  • Don't take two working accounts for same site (Permanent ban) until you find the first one you took is dead/blocked/banned.Only in this case you may take the second for the same site but report the first one as dead before taking the second one.
  • Report dead accounts.
  • Use proper way of replying,replying thhhhhssss,pssss,sssshh ecc ecc,will be considered as spam and will be warned 2 times ,then we will ban you.
  • To see the hidden content,please click on reply button.

Rules may be updated from CrackingSoul staff without notification..

Respect The Rules,Respect My Staff And Enjoy CrackingSoul.
Don't Ask About Rank Promotions Via Pm.
Don't Send Me PM'S To Higher Up The One Account/Day Limit. Show Your Work And Get A Rank.

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