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DA[Rules] Please Read Before Making A Suggestion Thread

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the feedback and suggestions section. In this section you can help us by making suggestions to make the forum browsing better.

Before you make a thread, kindly read the following carefully, it would be avoiding confusions and unnecessary threads.

-If you have a suggestion, please open a thread instead of writing on shoutbox.

-If you have more than a suggestion, please use the same opened thread and continue there.

-The forum should be good browsable to everyone in general, so, please avoid making suggestions which only suits you.

-Please avoid creating any confusions by making unnecessary threads.

-If you make a suggestion, it would be discussed by staff and your thread would be updated once staff has a reply.

-Don't try to put any pressure on mods or admin to look into your suggestions by sending pm's or by bumping your thread or by posting the thread's link on the shoutbox.

-Just for your peace of mind, every thread made on CS is checked, so, don't worry, your suggestion thread will also be checked and answered.

-There are priorities on forum, so, to implement a suggestion could need time, hence, please be patient and polite.

And the most important :

-Don't teach the admin how to run a forum, because this will add you to the blacklist.

Kind regards.

(10-10-2020, 05:33 PM)DA Wrote: -Don't teach the admin how to run a forum, because this will add you to the blacklist.

No idea why this happens so often

Anyway, thanks for the instructions @ DA Hopefully this will prevent issues in the future and will save nerves of all of us.
Please read forum rules carefully before making your first posts.
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