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DA[Rules] Rules and Regulations for Marketplace

CrackingSoul Marketplace Rules

  • CrackingSoul takes NO responsibilities on ANY transaction that occurs at any time.
  • Full Descriptions are included detailing whether account an is Legit, Illegal, Cracked etc.
  • Don't Forget To Add Proof's From Your Sales.
  • Selling or buying of paypal,amazon,CC cards,Bank details aren't allowed(Permanet Ban and no Money will be refunded).
  • You may ONLY bump your thread only ONCE per 24 hours.
  • Don't use words like: Cheap, cheap prices, or others words like this.
  • Report all scams and fraudulent activity to STAFF immediately.
  • You need to be Cracker + or paid member to open your shop or to sell accounts.
  • The Shop subscription costs 6 Euro/month.Payments accepted Paypal & BTC.
  • No marketplace business allowed outside the marketplace section.
    • Please report or delete your own thread after finished your transaction with the seller
All Rules may be updated by CrackingSoul staff without notifications.

Kind regards!
Respect The Rules,Respect My Staff And Enjoy CrackingSoul.
Don't Ask About Rank Promotions Via Pm.
Don't Send Me PM'S To Higher Up The One Account/Day Limit. Show Your Work And Get A Rank.

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