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DA[Rules] Trading Section Rules And Regulations

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Please follow the following simple rules while trading/sharing accounts among yourselves.

  1. It is prohibited to share/trade accounts you get from CrackingSoul.
  2. You are allowed to open only 3 trade threads at a time with the list of the accounts you offer and the account/s you are looking for.
  3. You aren't allowed to trade the same account/s in a different thread.
  4. Once both parties decide to trade an account, a proof/screenshot must be posted from both in the same trade thread.(Without credentials obviously)
  5. All the above transactions must be done in the trade thread and not via pm to avoid problems/fraud, only the details will be exchanged via pm.
  6. Trading CS accounts and fraud will issue a permanent ban on your account.
  7. You are allowed to trade one account only once i.e only with one user.
  8. The rules aren't final and are subjected to further modifications.

Just an idea I thought of when reading your post; I think that when the time does come, and there are lots of trades taking place, there should be a few designated forum members to earn a "Middle-Man" status, in order for potential trades to be conducted smoother down the road.

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