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13490ma[Suggestion] Expanding General Section

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I was thinking if we could maybe expand the General Topics section. Considering the main theme of the forum I believe lots of us are IT technical to some extend. What about creating separate space for IT technical questions/topics/support for fellow members of the community? In example I was an Unix Admin and Software Developer so may help in this regard also I have experience in other IT related areas. This is just an example but I feel possibilities of the discussion right now are rather limited since we have not much more than the General and Gaming while General is kind of a black box were almost every topic is ending...
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Hello @13490ma

Thanks a lot for the suggestion. Creating a separate section isn't a problem.

Personally i liked your suggestion, let us see what the other staff members say about it.

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I like the idea, i love organized shit lol

It may help people ask more/get more active
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@ 454subash @ StivnQ @ rawbat ?
I like the idea but in my opinion we could first see how many threads or posts related to it is created in general henceforth and then move it to a new section if we have enough interest to sustain it.
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I also like the idea of creating the new ''General subforums''.
As far as I am concerned, I am ready for more challenges.
The more, the merrier.
With each and every post I make, I would like to kindly ask everyone to follow and respect the Rules 
Be sure to check each individual subforum Rules too, please.
Thank you 
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