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hellintime[Suggestion] Suggestion on how to attract new crackers

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after all these years I think it's time for a change to the site's non-profit policy to perhaps encourage new crackers to join the site , I would propose to increase slightly  the subscriptions and we crackers  able  to earn money considering the  site revenue.
i was thinking of a monthly prize pool  to be divided minus the costs of the site and to access the cracker must have at least 20 golden or platinum reply a month maybe you can also let the most active mod  participate 
if there were no earnings the thing is postpone the following month
I hope this is taken as a constructive criticism only to improve the site thanks

please mod i made some changes to the subject move this thread like new thanks
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Hello @ hellintime,

Thankyou for the suggestion. I started cracking 15 years ago and it was a privilege to be called a cracker or to be on a cracker rank.

Now a days, the real crackers aren't many because they never share their tips and tricks with anyone because 99.99% of people are fake and they willl leak everything.

Now a days, we got a lot of FAKE crackers because of these leaks, everyone can crack with a leaked combo and a leaked configuration with 1000 bots

And they call themselves crackers, that's why we can never crack a site proxyless these days.

First of all, we know how many gold members we have on CS, this is visibile to everyone. We don't have many because of our rules and because of my oldtime mentality " The rules are the rules".

And this old mentality says " The knowledge must be free of cost" but we are in 2022 and everything is money based. Today people are happy to pay for an account instead of cracking it themselves because the people are lazy. It is too much effort for them to learn to crack and share their work.

We can try offering a prize monthly to attract the new crackers but how high should be this? Once this prize is offered, are we sure the crackers will be satisfied with it forever or would they ask for more money after sometime?

It would be like running some business, where you hire people to work for you?

Honestly, i don't like the idea, because, everytime the money comes in to the question, many problems comes with it. So, i would be avoiding all this, where i would need to HIRE crackers to crack for us.

If someone is happy to share his knowledge he is welcome here.

Just to remember EVERYONE, CS is offering every member on the cracker rank, a paid VPS to crack for free as well as CAP MONSTER PRO paid yearly and i think it is enough to attract new crackers, ONLY those who can't crack because of the slow computer or who can't afford any recaptcha programs to crack, could understand the value of what we are offering. But to use it, you should already contribute and EARN yourself a rank.

I am open for further discussions.

Thanks everyone.


Please don't spam my inbox, if i'm not replying, i'm not online and i haven't read your pm. Thanks a lot for understanding.
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Awesome, I have thought that I posted quite a large post connected to the said topic, but it miraculously disappeared, hmmmm.
(no it wasn't deleted)

I agree with DA, mostly
(NHF bro)

In my RL I have witnessed the feeling of being left from the knowledge that I needed to be able to do my RL job well.
So the only thing I needed to do was to learn everything myself.
It wasn't an easy thing to do, oh yeah it wasn't.
But I did it.

So most of you know I am not a cracker, but I for sure do have quite a "few liters of knowledge" inside of me.
I was a mod on an oooooold forum (business based), an admin on even older one (global), I have seen everything and basically know what to do, whom to trust, how to check, how to type (and I can type a lot - most of you know that  ), etc.

Guys, sharing is caring.
I for sure do know that you have learnt the art of cracking from other respectable cracker guy who put his soul into the feeling of doing something good, teaching you.
So why don't you do something good for others, and not just yourself - right now I am mot referring yo anyone specifically, but to the thing DA has mentioned = LEAK.
We all know what I am referring to.
So put your pride to the side and actually do something good - teach a man on how to catch a fish.
You will feel much much better, trust me you will.

As for the Gold members, I believe I am one of the reasons why there aren't that many. of them
But all you all need to do is to READ the Rules, FOLLOW them, be HONEST and kind.
I am not a guy who wants to ban someone or to give a warning to the "said" user.
And if you need a help, just ask, but read the Rules first and don't overuse the possibility of the PM.
I know most of you hate me, but let me just tell you, in my CS time I am a mod and if you hate StivnQ, so be it.
But you shouldn't hate me/myself, people shouldn't hate each other.

Be the cracker you want to be and let us all continue with the process of making the CS even greater that it already is  

Read the Rules, please.
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