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The best contributor of the month Reward

Congrats! Great Job!

Follow The Rules and Have Fun!

The winner of the BCMR for the month of February 2019 is hellintime.

Given 10 days of gold susbcription as a little thanks.

Keep up the good work.

Somehow I have been expected this Smile

Congratulations and respect to the winner !
Please read forum rules carefully before making your first posts.
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I realized only now these posts for that I did not answer in February , sorry for this , I'm so busy with posting Big Grin  , thanks DA and your staff you are fantastic , you are very kind with the gift, and being able to take some passes from the gold section is a great privilege for me , thanks again I hope to continue not to disappoint you for the future, happy to be part of this community
Congratulations hellintime and continue with your good work.

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