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There is no edit post button

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I did a mistake on my comment but i can not edit it because there was no edit comment button. I opened the CS and went that topic on my mobile phone but still no edit button. I have an SS. But not only the comment that on the SS but also the entire topic. I cant edit any of the messages that i sent on that topic.


The other two SS I cant edit both my OP and other comments



But i can edit my other topics replies, posts and OPs. For example, i can edit this topic. The edit button can be seen on the SS above.


Right now i can't edit my original post thats because i have to reply my own post... Here it is the SS

Being a wagecuck is harder than you think....
I don't believe this is a bug at all.

As you know, some forums have a ''grace period'' in which you are allowed to edit your posts.
After it passes, you are not allowed to edit your posts anymore.

If it happens, feel free to send me a PM and I will edit it for you.
But please don't make this happens all the time.
Read the Rules, please.
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Thank you for your help. I cant press thank you button because i run out of that. I'll take into account the existence of a post edit limit. Since there were no problem, please lock the topic down. I much appreciate it your service again.
Being a wagecuck is harder than you think....
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