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StivnQ[Warned] Gold member mackstaa warned with 50% warning

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@ mackstaa

You have been warned with 50% warning for trying to cheat on us.
First for claiming and specifically saying the account is dead...quoting....

(09-06-2022, 07:33 AM)mackstaa Wrote: Nice one RAWBAT Thankyou!

EDIT: I didnt check how old this was but it is in deed gone thanks

First of all, the account is not dead.
I have successfully logged into it, downloaded a few vids (only the newest 3 are not available).

Second of all, sameish thing.
Once you did the same thing in the past, you were rude.
I remember all those words you have said, sadly.

Therefore I kindly ask you to take this warning because Rules are rules and they need to be followed.

Kind regards,

P.S. Link--->
Read the Rules, please.

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