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Western Erotic Game Scene

Any of you guys into the Western Erotic Gaming (WEG) scene?  If so, what are your favorite games.  A few recommendations I have are:
  • Princess Trainer Gold, by Akabur
  • Witch Trainer, by Akabur
  • Son of a Bitch!, by Avenger
  • Summertime Saga, by Kompas Productions
  • Something Unlimited, by Gunsmoke Games
  • The Company, by Westane
  • Lab Rats, by Vren
  • Four Elements Trainer, by Mity
  • Rogue-like: Evolution, by Oni
  • Wife Trainer, by Wife Trainer
  • A Spell for All, by Cmacleod42
Would be interested to know if anyone else follows this scene and what your favorites are.
Well,it has been years that i've not played any games.

I hope some other members will join your discussion.

Sorry, not me Smile
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