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hope3421checking for dead accounts

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I reported two accounts to be dead, they got locked but didnt got to dead section. How is it possible to get the same account then?


There isn't any automated system which would move your reported accounts to the dead section.

You have reported them, it is ok, now they are closed, so nobody can reply there, after that, the super moderator will be re-checking them, if they are really dead and then they will be moved to the dead section.

I hope you were looking for this reply, right?
Yes, that is what i was asking.
But for the future, do I need to wait until it gets to dead section or i can get another when the thread gets locked?
If you check the rules, you will understand what to do.

The rules say: " If the account you take is dead, report it before taking the second one."

So simple!

Can i move this thread?

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Yes, got it now. Thanks!
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