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someguy2222hey everyone

So I came here to start learning some things and wanted to just see what is here etc. I don't know what else to say. I think maybe I'd check out someone the boards that seemed interesting to me. Thanks.
Welcome to Crackingsoul.Just try to tell us about yourself.
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Seems I can't send messages in order to upgrade to gold. Am I not allowed yet? Do I need more posts? Sorry, just trying to understand.

About me: I wanted to come here and learn about cracking and maybe even coding and programming -- if there's anything like that here. I've always been envious of programmers or anything related to coding/cracking (I really don't know much) so I wanted to find a dedicated forum. The chances of learning anything on a forum are relatively low, but I thought I'd try.
welcome new member hopefully our stay here will be long amd fruit full
welcome to the forum
Welcome to the community!
Learning should be a permanent process indeed, welcome bud

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