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I need a premium account to 


Or ANY debrid service supporting ubiqfile premium.

Thanks you
@ Dmitro871

I have sent you a numerous of polite PMs in which I have kindly ask you to read all the Rules, but you keep on disobeying them and not checking with the yours truly.

Therefore for not following this Rule I have to:

a) close these two threads
b) issue you a 50% warning

Sorry, but the Rules are rules.

Please do read them again and again.

Kind regards,

P.S. These Rules for the said ''case'':

Link: https://crackingsoul.com/Thread-Rules-Ru...7-May-2020
Quote:The requests closed for non bumping can't be re-opened for the next one month from the date of closing.Not following this rule will issue a 50% warning on your account.

Proof that will tell you when was the closure date (edited):
Kindly take a look at this thread (in case you are not allowed to seed the pics attached)
Read the Rules, please.

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