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crpts/ntrnt - dvlzgrmz - 07-04-2019


im from germany and are interestet in cryptos. 
its funny how the internet become now - u must show that you arent an bot to register everywhere and cant write too short/too long.

how is your opinion on cryptos? thanks.

RE: crpts/ntrnt - DA - 07-04-2019

It is an introduction section and i have never seen such poor introduction.

Enjoy Crackingsoul and keep and eyes on the rules.

RE: crpts/ntrnt - CheggStudent - 07-04-2019

You have to show you’re not a bot to prevent spam on this forum. I think it’s a good idea to keep out the bots and leeches.

Anyways, welcome to Cracking Soul!

RE: crpts/ntrnt - newaki - 07-04-2019

Welcome to CrackingSoul! Please make sure to read all the rules and of-course enjoy!

RE: crpts/ntrnt - randolf - 10-04-2019

Welcome dvlzgrmz,

quite a strange name. I was also a little suprised that the introduction has to be that short.

Best wishes

RE: crpts/ntrnt - dvlzgrmz - 01-07-2019

in todays internet it is better to have strange names/keys.
if you want to be free in the future you have to do your homework now/in the past.

RE: crpts/ntrnt - murroo - 01-07-2019

Hey Mr. dvlzgrmz,

welcome to CS,
stay active, follow the rules and enjoy this great forum