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Any CSGO Players Here??

Been getting into CSGO within the last year and a half, just got to MG on MM and I'm b- on ESEA. I feel like I still want to play but regular pugs and MM aren't really cutting it anymore, but I have no clue how to join a team. Anyways, just curious any active csgo players are on here. Also been looking for a good skin changer for esea, prob would pay money for it if anyone has any good ones out there. I have skins but I constantly want to change up my inventory because some games take sooo long and it's interesting to pass by waiting times looking at dope skins.
Sorry, no gaming here. Simply no time for them.
Hi @bob3299

I don"t play CS Go but I know the game. 
I think, if you want to join a team, go to CS specific forums.
Homemade Family my cooking blog  Tongue
I play CSGO everyday and it's fun, do you want to play together?

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