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StivnQ[Banned] Jester_Cruel | JesterCruel | Saulca banned permanently

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Dupe account.

You see one thing and this is a message for every other member here.
We, the Staff, are a group of cool kids (well, not kids exactly), we are kind, we know how to goof around (trust me, we do), we respect everyone, but we DON'T LIKE cheaters.

You tried to trick us and trust me, eventhough I don't like banning people, this ban comes from the heart.
You deserve/d it.

Please find another forum, the CS doesn't need you.

Read the Rules, please.
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  • hellintime, Mr. James Bond
Once again this guy tried to full us ----> Saulca

No can do

Get lost.

Read the Rules, please.

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