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StivnQ[Banned] fishdude123 banned permanently

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Banned permanently for these reasons:

1) First of all, you NEVER replied to any of my StaffPMs I have sent you 4 of them (by letters: four).
2) Then you have reached 90% warnings - and you should haven been banned months and months and months ago.
3) Then you decided to take these two accounts:

3a) https://crackingsoul.com/Thread-Porn-Tin...ork--31501
3b) https://crackingsoul.com/Thread-Porn-fan...com--31837

Explaination: the first one includes the NETWORK and you know it.
I know a lot and I know that you know it.
(BTW As I said the first one includes everything/the network and everything is working fine - checked on everything + downloaded a few vids).

TLDR The first one is working, but you decided to take the second one to have one spared and thus you broke one of the most important Rule.

This ban had to be given and I wish you all the best at all the sites you are currently a member of.
Read the Rules, please.

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