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Thank you @ hellintime For the information
@ Naufal Mate iam not triggered nor iam butt hurt by your words 
What I was worried about was the way you responded 
U talk so much about rules
Well again I have to remind you,  there is a rule that says be kind you your fellow cs members
And trust me before this no one have ever responded to me at cs in this way as you did. 
I had words with others members too they were really kind to me unlike you
Ur words never sounded kind  to me. 
At the first place who asked for your explanation, you yourself dropped in here I didn't even tag you
Well I wish god would given you some more brain cells than you would have understood what I was saying
Till then it's waste of my time, my words and my energy
Well it's an end from my side
And i hope I would never ever encounter people like you . 
Till then bye@ Naufal
Since you both are right with your arguments I am going to stop this discussion. What's said is said.

Move on.
Please read forum rules carefully before making your first posts.

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