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StivnQ[Gaming] Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions [PS4]

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I can not believe it noone (I hope I'm wrong) didn't hear of legendary Tsubasa Ozora  

Well we finally will get the game, somewhere in August, I think - the end of the month.

It was a famous anime, way way back when I was at the primary school still.
The only way to watch it, was on a german tv - I underestan 70-80% of it.
edit - then, many many many years later our local tv station bought the rights, but it the synchronization was as near good as the ''original'' I was watching

I can not wait to play it, to try some Drill Shoot, Distant Shoot, Tiger Shoot, etc.
If you will get this game, maybe we'll play in an Online versus against me  

I was waiting for this game for atleast 20+ years 
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