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Teraklo[Gaming] General Modding Discussion

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According to the Wikipedia, Video game modding (short for "modification") is the process of alteration by players or fans of one or more aspects of a video game, such as how it looks or behaves, and is a sub-discipline of general modding. Mods may range from small changes and tweaks to complete overhauls, and can extend the replay value and interest of the game.

I am in love with mods. If you ask me, every game in the work should have modding support. Why i am thinking like this? Because my experiences in some games are not so good even though the game has potential. Some games pretty good in terms of entertainment for general but sometimes, the game bugs ruined your experience and despite the game is very entertaining, that bugs makes you hater to that game.

An Indie game Age of History 2 can be our example. I have hundreds of hours in of this game but almost fifty percent of time ruined by its bugs, even worse, corrupted saves etc. Of course Age of History 2 has mod support but it is not enough for fans to fix the errors and bugs. Also game developer is not responding fans feedback and he do not mind to fix the Glitches with further updates.

But what if the game had indeep modding support?

Fans could have fixed glitches, bugs or adding cut content things that could not added because of lacking of time even though developer did not improve his game...
But in the other hand, we have Skyrim, which has tons of bugs but also its bugs fixed by its community even though Bethesda does not mind to fix that bugs. A good game became great with its modding support...


The second reason why a game MUST HAVE mod support is a persons taste of gameplay. Some games are insanely fun but not balanced and because of this balance issue, its player count slowly decreases...
If the game developer thinks his game is already balanced or does not mind his or her fans ideas, it is the fans themselves who need to fix this out. But what if developer did not bring the game deep modding support?
You know what happens next already... But if the game had modding support, then at least fans themselves could bring the balance to the game and could save both the company and the game. Also this does not have to be a balance issue. Everyone have different taste of gameplay. Some people thinks for example jumping height should be more high while some people thinks walking animation can be a little bit faster while not changing the core aspects of the game or not bringing unrelatable non-lore friendly things to the game. Just changing some little details. For example maybe X person thinks the swords is looking so pretty but its damage is too low for ex. 16-25. He should be able to change its damage. The same thing goes for a racing game. Maybe a person is a Opel lover but that Opel is too slow for late game and he might change its handling, top speed etc...
Final example from me, i do not like ending games. I was playing Mount and Blade Warband and i conquered all of the Calradia. But then, i figured out i run out of ideas or activities. But that game had much more deep modding support, the fans could bring the game rebellions and that rebellions makes the players kingdom collapse then player can continue the fun.


  As you can see, mods do not have to add new things or change a games personality or appearance. Mods are essential thing for a game. 
  I am just a regular wage-cuckhold...... 
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  I am just a regular wage-cuckhold...... 

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