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wormtail39[General Discussion] Audiobooks/book recomendations!

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Do you guys read much or listen to audiobooks? this last year i have moved away from reading and more towards audiobooks and i have found that have been sleeping wayyy better and allot more relaxed since i have! Highly recomend trying them u can get them on your phone.. Anyway here are some book recomendations i have for u guys i would love it if u have any for me! 

my recomendations:
The wheel of time book series - its 12 books long a massive saga its in the genre of epic fantasy if u have 300 hours u want to spend give it ago its a great read/listen.

The name of the wind - this is a 3 book series its verry verry good a bit like harry potter but more adult highly recomend the audiobook! 

Dune - epic scifi book series its 6 books long and widley reguarded as one of if not thee greatest scifi series ever written and its not hard to see why! set on a desert planet which is the only source of a rare comodity called "spice" that extends life and grants unatural powers that is guarded by 300 foot sand worms is a great premise! If you take any recomendation from this thread it should be to give this audiobook/book series a go! u really wont regret it!

what books/audiobooks would u guys recomend i allways need more stuff to fill my library!
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1. a song of ice and fire- 5 books (2 forthcoming) and also the books were made into a tv show called game of thrones which you probably know.
2. Harry potter- Books are way way better then the movies.
3. the diary of a young girl- Anne franks story.
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