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[General Discussion] Diablo IV

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Anyone play this game and have thoughts on whether worth playing? Used to play this many years ago and pretty in to it but the reviews seem pretty mixed.
if you want to enjoy the camping it's good, but the late game is repetitive and boring, simply because the game is new and does not have enough entertaining content at the moment, even with season 1.
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Path of Exile and Grim Dawn are both action RPGs that I have played, if you are looking for something else. 
Path of Exile is mechanically quite complex and looks very gritty.
Grim Dawn is fun while not being overly simple, reminds me of Diablo 2.

Neither have fancy cinematics and the pomp of the later Diablo games, in case that is a must-have.
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I am casually playing and enjoying it so far.

Created three characters, two on the permanent realm and one on the seasonal.
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I bought the game played two weeks but must admit getting boring haha
Apparently Blizzard have recently made it free to play until November 28th, so good chance for anyone on the fence to try it out.

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