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coppabooty[General Discussion] Stocks and the Cryptocurrencies

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I've recently started looking more into Crypto currency, I really should have looked into it when BitCoin first came out.

I've dipped my feet in and saw ways to be successful with little risk in the short term. When you buy very cheap crypto that is at less than a dollar and time it properly you can truly make big gains in the short term.

Of course that's not a lot of money, but it's simple, it's also scalable. No one wants to ride the dips and rises though. If you wanted to gain money for the purpose of long term investment, it could be a good option. 

If you timed things correctly like that and converted your coin to something more stable and waited, it could work out in the short term.

Let me know if anyone else invests in Crypto and what kind of ideas are used to make profit. 

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