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Zdarts[General Discussion] What COVID-19 phase are you in.

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Hey I’m just curious about what phase of reopening everyone is in where they are from. My hometown just went into phase 3 so hopefully everything will be back to normal soon. I personally think this whole ordeal is BS and all political.
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3 going into 4 hopefully in tbe next few weeks. I do not agree its bullshit. To be honest nobody on the planet knows 100% the correct and quickest way to exit lockdown and move forward. I would rather do it slowly and carefully and well monitored before we feel like we are anywhere back to where we were before the virus started. I suspect there will be some sort of controls in place for as long as it takes to get an effective vaccination for everybody. That may well take years sadly.
lockdown is basically over but we still have to wear mask in shops and on public transport. schools will reopen in september. gyms wil open in august. sports Fans should be allowed back in stadiums to support their team in november.
Lockdown started couple of weeks ago AGAIN for the nth time (I lost count). Most shops are closed. It's fucking hot outside (40C +) and power cuts every couple days. People are tired, depressed and fucking angry. Only thing left is porn and programing.
New Zealand did it right. They locked the shit out of the country early when it first appeared until there were no cases. Now they are enjoying life without bullshit masks. Shops and bars are open. 14 days lockdown for those want to enter the country.
Meanwhile in freedom disney land, It's time to voice opinions and party your ass off in a global health pandemic. Florida is a wonderful black hole of a state. They are working on the next covid20 release.

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