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Hi I’m Jonathan I’m 22 and from San Jose I love to play tennis. I also love taking strolls in the park with my family. I am currently in medical school (won’t reveal my university) and I play tennis for my University
Hello and welcome to the CS Forum.

I would really like to kindly ask you to read all the Rules and to follow them - prior doing anything else on this Forum.
Don't want to go into any details, but I want to see you succeed on our Forum - short and simple.

So, please don't make me mad - I can be a tiny bit strict sometimes, eventhough I honestly don't want to be that strict.
Just follow the Rules, and I guarantee you that you will have a blast here.

Cheers and have fun.

P.S. No need to tell us the name of your University, but I wish you the best of luck with your school.
Be sure to study hard, please.
Read the Rules, please.
Welcome to CrackingSoul
Welcome, man. San Jose is one of my favorite spots to travel-weather is always perfect, scenery is beautiful. La Jolla is truly paradise on earth. Good luck wrapping up your time at school

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