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[Request] brazzers.com

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hi guys

already searched in site but not any working pass found,

may i have a password for brazzers.com which is be able to show vids?
have you tried this ?
yeah it works, but i don't know if i can mark this as filled as this is the request, you sent me a shared pass

@ DA can you tell me if it's accepted pls ?
As I explained, you are not following the rules on HOW to request a pass.

Continue to violate the rules and you will be warned.

As @ hellintime cracked that account already, please mark this as "filled"
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  • DA
the pass you take in free section work so the request can be closed and moved,  request section is not for personal pass but to ask working pass  when there are  no more
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  • DA, TheDarkness00

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