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wormtail39[Tutorial] "Im not a cracker! How can i contribute and not be a leecher?"

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Help! im not a cracker! How can i contribute to cs?

This tutorial is for the many members of our community who are unable to crack accounts, which is fine! you dont have to be a cracker to enjoy/contribute to the cs community. If you fall into this catagory however (as i do), every account you get is a gift, you are increadibly priveleged to have access to so many accounts for free and in such a spam free enviroment. As such if you join CS and take accounts from us we expect and hope you will make an effort to be an active member of our community in return! What does this mean? It means more than replying "thanks" to that one big porn site and leaving untill u want more.... their are many ways you can be active in our community and give back to CS.

1. Chat and say hello in shoutbox get to know your fellow CS users! This is a good way to show you apreciation for the site and show that you are interested in more than just strip mineing the accounts section.

2. Post and discuss porn/general topics in the discussion sections and try to engage with the community, make polls, pick out a cool avatar and take pride in your account here, if you put the time in CS has allot to offer you and you wont regret it. Additionally you will earn CSC doing this and quickly make your way through the ranks perhaps even to the comparitivley easy to obtain non cracker rank: CS Addicted!

3. This is a simple one... take the time to carefully read the rules and perhaps scim a few tutorials on the etiquet and nuances of CS, this will help you understand the site better and evade an easily avoidable ban e.g. takeing 2 working accounts for the same site.

4. This next one allows you to give back to CS in a more literal sense: post videos or collections to the Porn links shareing section! Not only does this allow you to contribute despite being unable to crack, but after haveing posted 10 good quality videos/collections you will gain the ability to take videos/collections from the section yourself! and there is frequently rare and interesting content posted there such as huge onlyfans collections and is generally well worth your time. In addition to this being a frequent poster of quality content in the Porn Link Shareing Section will also substantially help you on your way to eventually obtaining the CS Addicted rank. 

5. Finally if you really love CS and are financially able to... please also consider supporting CS in the MOST helpfull way: purchasing a gold membership for a month or two! This really helps DA keep the site up and running and additionally unlocks a vast ammount of new accounts for you, aswell as the gold account request section! -- which is fantastic. 

Thanks Guys!
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