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StivnQ[Warned] TAYLER445 warned with 50% warning

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This is the fourth time I had to give you a warning - you are breaking the Rules constantly.
The previous three times are not connected to this one at all - all has been revoked with the Power of Attorney that DA gave me (his ''Last chance'' thread.

The two accounts you have taken without reporting one as dead are:

a) https://crackingsoul.com/Thread-Porn-Nub...8#pid79178
b) https://crackingsoul.com/Thread-Porn-nub...#pid106519

Since both accounts are in the working section, we consider both as working - and you didn't take a chance and report any.

I am giving you my promise that I will ban you next time, since you are constantly breaking our Rules.

Nothing personal Tayler, but Rules are rules.


P.S. Since both accounts are in the working section (as of yet), I believe you don't need to send me a ''reply-PM'', because everything is clear.
Read the Rules, please.

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