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What’s going on guys? I’m super glad to be here, this community seems like a super rad place to be and I am absolutely stoked to have a chance to contribute and share some of my stuff for the good of the community! I am based in the northeast of America, and can be reached via PM anytime
Wow wow wow, welcome to the CS Forum.

You can start your stay by reading the Rules - which you didn't do at all.
Then please start to contribute, because if you don't I could be banning you.
Sorry, but to me Honesty is something big and important.

You said specifically that you will share and contribute, so please start.
Honesty, truth, right?

Lastly, enjoy your stay and cheers.

Have a wonderful day.
Read the Rules, please.
Hey man, welcome! Love your energy!
Welcome to CrackingSoul
Welcome friend but can i ask you how did your CSC's went negative? (-4 CSCs)

Also, i love your energy too!
  I am just a regular wage-cuckhold...... 

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